Jamaica: Land We Love

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Jamaica : Land We Love

Satellite Image Photo Island Jamaica Satellite Image Photo Island Jamaica

Jamaica is the 3rd largest island in the Caribbean and is situated in the Greater Antilles, South-East of Cuba, South-West of Haiti, and East of the Cayman Islands.

Capital ~ Kingston (1872) – previously Spanish Town (1534-1872)

Currency ~ Jamaican Dollar (JMD) – the US dollar is also accepted

Timezone ~ EST – Eastern Standard Time (No daylight savings time)

Area Code ~ (876)

Language ~ English, English Patois

Electricity ~ Voltage (110V) / Frequency (50 Hz)

Highest Point ~ Blue Mountain Peak (2256m/7402 ft.)

Type of Government ~ Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy

Regions of Jamaica

Jamaica is divided into 3 counties with 14 parishes. The 3 Counties are Cornwall , Middlesex and Surrey . Below are are the names of the parishes with their capitals in parentheses:


  • Hanover (Lucea)
  • St. Elizabeth (Black River)
  • St. James (Montego Bay)
  • Trelawny…

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