Jamaica Bucket List


  • Swim and Glow in the Luminous Lagoon
  • Visit the healing Fire Spring
  • Massage and shower at Bath Fountain
  • Swim across the Blue Lagoon
  • Sun bathe at the Pelican Bar
  • See Crocodiles in the wild
  • Hold a Crocodile
  • Have great YEAh on a secluded beach
  • Watch the Sunset from the cliffs in Negril
  • Visit Bob Marley Mausoleum, Museum, Recording Studio
  • Drink freshly roasted coffee in the Blue Mountains
  • Climb to Blue Mountain Peak
  • Yoga at Blue Mountain Peak
  • Surf at Boston Bay
  • Learn to Kite-surf
  • Paragliding at Malvern
  • Jump down the Waterfalls at Blue Hole Mineral Falls
  • Snorkel in Bluefields
  • Stay all night in a Jamaican dance party
  • Zipline at YS Falls
  • Visit the Maroons
  • Play Drums with Rastafari
  • Take a boat to secluded island
  • Party on a yacht
  • See a Reggae concert
  • Eat ripe fruits from the tree
  • Swim after midnight
  • snorkel or dive at Port Royal
  • Teach a Jamaican child to swim
  • Swim with Dolphins
  • walk at least a mile of the 7 mile beach, Negril
  • Roast a breadfruit and sweet potatoes on Wood fire outside


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