Somerset Falls, Jamaica


Its a beautiful day for a drive along Jamaica’s North Coast on our way to the always welcoming Somerset Falls.
Mesmerizing view of the blue Caribbean Sea on your left and the picturesque green and blue hills and mountains to your right with sunshine and just enough clouds above.

Yes Paradise! Short turn off the highways takes you to the entrance of the Somerset Waterfalls and Park, an amazing mix of man made and natures work.

Bright and colourful flowers, tropical birds and rabbits greet your eyes. On location enjoy the river water pool and waterslide, relax in the refreshingly cool flowing river before or after taking a paddle boat or kayak up the river to the majestic cascading waterfalls flowing over a small cave that allows you to go behind the falls and look out through liquid crytal stream.


Climb to the top and and jump in or just dive from the rocks in the cave. Take your boat back to land or swim, you can do whatever you like.
Next up is a short relaxing Bamboo Rafting trip complimented by the short history lesson from Cappo, your experienced and knowledgeable raft captian.
This experience at Somerset Waterfalls will certainly remain in your memory for a very long time.

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