Party nightlife in Montego Bay, Jamaica


As I would say, the best way to enjoy the party nightlife in Montego Bay,  Jamaica is to sleep early, wake up and dress for party before midnight.  Drink you favourite alcoholic mix in your hotel or villa. Now you are ready to dance like you have never danced before, yes tonight is gonna be a very good night ))

We party til the sun come up and the moon goes down, loving the music sound.

Here are some good regular party locations here in Montego Bay, Jamaica:

Chi Spot – Ironshore – Thursday Night

Pier 1 – Downtown Montego Bay – Friday and Saturday night

Donway Village – Hip Strip/Gloucester Ave – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Margaritaville – Hip Strip/Gloucester Ave – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Acropolis – Every night – Theme entertainment


Chill Out Hut – Lilliput – Weekends

Rooftop – Lilliput – Sundays

Clock Tower – Downtown Montego Bay – Sundays

Memorabilia Bar – Coral Gardens  – Weekends

Club Rolex – Lilliput – Weekends

Moods – Hip Strip – Every night

Rehab – Hip Strip – Weekends

Rondavu – Westgreen – Thursdays

Kokonuts – Bogue Main Rd – Wednesdays






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