Private Airport Transfers


Arriving in the beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica at Sangsters International Airport after a long flight and hours without sleep before that, wouldn’t you like to clear Jamaica  Immigration and customs as quickly as possible, go directly to a comfortable, save and secure vehicle that takes you directly to you resort or villa without further delay?
Or would you prefer to spend another hour or more outside the airport waiting for other tourist from other flights to fill a big coach then wait some more while they stop at each hotel before yours?

Your choice.


I offer you option No.1 – Private Airport transfers from Sangsters International Airport to any Resort,  Hotel, Guesthouse, Villa or home in Jamaica. Start your vacation right with a relaxing, scenic drive to your accommodations. Transfer available for 1 – 7 persons comfortably.

Do you value your vacation time?
If yes follow this link  –
and click Book Now to reserve your private airport transfer and excursion across the beautiful island Jamaica.
Call/Whatsapp – 18764533444
Skype – javegan

One thought on “Private Airport Transfers

  1. Hi Karl!
    My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Port Antonio this March. What would the cost for a ride from Montego Bay be?


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