After Sunset Excursions

Boats at Glistening Water, Jamaica

Boats at Glistening Water, Jamaica

After Sunset Excursion  – The hot Jamaican sun is gone, the evening is nice and warm feeling like the perfect time to experience magic. A short drive just past Falmouth will take you to the magical luminous lagoon named Glistening Waters. Take a boat out into the middle of the Magic and jump in. Glow like an angel swimming around so not to worry about swimming in the dark, every move you make the water glows brighter. `

Water Square at night.

Water Square at night.

Next we stop in Falmouth, for a short walk through the small but beautiful and historic Water Square at night, see vendors selling Jamaican street food, fresh fruits and veggies. Admire the newly restored georgian style architecture and young people practicing the latest dances.


Rose Hall Great house

Rose Hall Great house

And if thats not enough night-time activities and you like haunted houses then visiting Annee Palmer, the White Witch of Rose Hall Great House is just the right thing to do. Listen to old Jamaican history and see it in the  architecture, furnishing and interior decor however don’t forget Annee still lives in the walls.

Annee was called the “White Witch” because she bedazzled then did away with the three husbands and countless slave lovers. Quick with the whip, she was notorious for torturing slaves for her own entertainment. Follow in the footsteps of the SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters International” and “scariest Places on Earth” and see if you can capture an image of the White Witch.

Back to your hotel in time for dinner.

Start time – 6:30 pm

Cost – US$90/person – minimum 2 people.

Includes – Pickup and return to hotel, Boat ride and swim at Glistening Waters, Great house tour

Not included – Dinner

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