Bob Marley Village Day Trip

Mausoleum Museum, 9 Miles, Jamaica

Mausoleum Museum, 9 Miles, Jamaica

Come on and Smile, you’re in jamaica now. We Jammin, i wanna Jam-it with you.                   One Love, One Heart, Lets Get together and feel alright.                                                                                 This is a message to you-u-u, Don’t Worry about a thing, because every little thing, is gonna be alright.

Words from just a few Bob Marley songs. Feel and understand the music and the life behind the music with a day trip to Nine (9) Miles, home village of Reggae King and legend Robert Nesta Marley, My Cousin. Yes its all about Family. Let me take you to see the places, people and lifestyle that influenced the great music and movement of Jah People.

See the school he attended as a young boy, the paths he took to the family farm and to the spring for water. Visit the coffee farm, tobacco farm and more before stopping in to the Mausoleum at his final resting place – to pay your respects to the man that gave us so much.

Meet the people, play with the children.


Relax, have a drink or a smoke and make a with joke with Uncles, cousins and friends of Mr Marley and if thats not enough, made some music with us. I will play you your favorite song, from morning and Rock you all day long til a evening.

Let the Music rock you.

Tour starts 8:30 am

Included – Pickup and Drop-off at Hotel, Refreshments, Rastafarian lunch, Guide, Village walk

Not included – Entrance fees, smoke.

Cost – $110/person minimum 3 people.

Don't wanna wait in vain.

Don’t wanna wait in vain.

Entrance to Bob Marley's house in 9 Miles

Entrance to Bob Marley’s house in 9 Miles

Marijuana plant at 9 Mile

Marijuana plant at 9 Mile

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